If you’re not sure if a dental problem is an emergency, dentists offer this advice: If it hurts, it’s an emergency!This is because even injuries that seem small or superficial can affect the living tissues inside the teeth. Quick treatment not only improves the odds of saving injured or damaged teeth, but it also keeps the financial cost to you down.

Even if you aren’t in much pain, any structural damage to a tooth — from a sports injury to a lost crown or filling — should be considered an emergency. Chips or fractures can affect the living tissue inside the tooth, causing more problems in the future. Furthermore, there may be damage that you are unaware of to the supporting structures, such as the gums and bone.  The key to any effective treatment is early intervention to prevent the damage from getting worse.

dental-painFirst do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • A toothache that won’t go away?
  • Severe throbbing tooth pain?
  • Tooth pain that is non-responsive to pain killers?
  • Any pain that wakes you up at night?
  • Pain to biting pressure?
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot liquids or sweets?
  • Abnormal gum bleeding or swelling?
  • Tissue swelling of the face?
  • Bad taste or odor in your mouth?

If you think you are having a Dental Emergency – Call Us!
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So please consider that Main Street Dental welcomes walk-ins as well as after hours emergency calls. In fact we pride ourselves in treating almost all dental emergencies ranging from broken teeth to oral tissue injuries.

The time to find a good place for emergency dentistry
in Airdrie is before an emergency happens!

And to ensure that we will always be able to see you the same day in emergency situations, we always set aside emergency time in our day to accommodate for urgent treatment. Dr. Yue and his Team will do their best to deal with your emergency as quickly as possible and make you comfortable.

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