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For years Botox has been used as a fast and effective tool to make skin look tighter and more youthful. In addition to the cosmetic benefits, however, botox has been effective in helping to treat many dental issues, including TMD, migraines and a high lip line. Main Street Dental is pleased to offer Cosmetic AND Therapeutic Botox to our patients.

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TMD & Migraines

Botox is an effective treatment for relieving pain as a result of TMD or migraines. When your jaw muscles are strained, they contract, which can lead to muscle spasm, pain, and soreness. Botox injections can help prevent the muscles from tensing around your jawline.

What is TMD?

If you often have a clicking or popping sound when opening and closing your mouth, you might have TMD. TMD is the name given to several problems with jaw movement and pain in and around the jaw. When jaw muscles are strained, they contract, which leads to muscle spasm, neck pain, frequent headaches, migraines, and in some cases, tooth sensitivity. While some treatments include aspirin or wearing a small plastic guard while sleeping, Botox is gaining popularity as a treatment. A few botox injections can relax the muscles, thus helping to prevent the muscles from tensing around your jawline, thereby reducing the intensity of the muscle contractions that contribute to TMD and facial pain.

High Lip Line

Traditionally, the treatment for a high lip line would most likely be surgery. Botox can offer a much less invasive option for patients and can help raise your gingival height to meet the lip line. With botox and potentially a crown or bridge, we are able to establish a more symmetrical dental aesthetic for your smile. With some Botox Therapy and lip augmentation with dermal fillers, the muscles surrounding the lip are weakened so they cannot raise the lip as high as before.

Facial Esthetics

More and more, patients consider Botox to be the final step in completing their smile makeovers. There is evidence that patients who experience improved facial aesthetics are simply happier! Botox seems to have a positive effect on one’s emotional outlook on life. Recent studies indicate that there is a strong relationship between stress, depression and periodontal disease. Stress and depression can reduce the immune system and trigger chronic inflammation. Rather than being mutually exclusive, function and aesthetics are partners in achieving optimal health.

Whether it’s receiving Botox to reduce visible lines, help improve a high lip line, or to alleviate jaw pain, we believe function and aesthetics are partners in achieving optimal health.


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We absolutely love this office. I have extremely high anxiety and they are so patient with me. My 4 year old asked if we can go back next week as she had a wonderful time at her cleaning. Great experiences every time and billing is very reasonable.


Samantha Lewis


From the minute you walk in, everyone is kind and professional. The hygienists and dentists provide clear instructions and the front desk always has the paperwork taken care of right away. Just a great group of people!


Jody Bobb


Amazing office, I have been going here for 25 years since I was a kid. I broke my tooth playing hockey, they got me in the very next morning, referred me to a specialist for more detailed gum work (who I seen the next day) and temporarily fixed my tooth all in the same week. Great office and everyone seems to have a sense of humor!


Mike Beierle


I have been going to Main Steer Dental for over 5 years and I can say that I am very satisfied with quality of care I have received. Punctual, clean, friendly. The stuff is professional and competent. I definitely recommend this office for all your dental needs.


Giuseppe Izzo

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